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my old photo camera
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The best photo pictures by Marek Trubka

About photo pictures

The "photo picture" is a photo where the photographer has had no control over any aspect of the picture, such as the lightning, the arrangement of the motif etc.. The photo pictures are the most natural photos made by camera. An example of such photos are a photo of scenery view of a landmark such as a papparazi photo. You should know photo pictures are protected against direct copying up to 50 years after they were published. Do you want a new beautiful photo wallpaper on your PC? Please read the copyright rules of the server here ..

The size of photo previews is 320x240 px. The full size of the photo pictures is 1024x768 px.

How to make a great photo picture

After 2 years of amateur photography experiences I agree with Darren Rowse in these - few rules of photography: Watch the place first with your heart then with the camera, because your photos are a personal map of your psyche. Never go shooting without a tripod, anyway stay calm. Keep your camera clean. Know your camera well, because searching the buttons in the night is time you don’t want to waste. Pay attention to the light falls of your scene. Take care of the golden ratio. Never trust your LCD. Perhaps it is brighter and sharper as the original image. When you think “it’s enough”, takes some extra shots. There will always be someone who will not like what you are doing. Don't worry, find your own style of photography.

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